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An Introduction To DSLR Video

Tweet It’s not unusual these days for still photographers and videographers to be using the exact same cameras and lenses. That tempts many still photographers into thinking all they have to do to get great video is flip the selector switch to the little movie camera and fire away. Some of you may have discovered […]

Nikon D5100

Tweet I normally don’t write reviews of specific cameras, unless it’s one I shoot myself.  But I’m making an exception for the Nikon D5100. What impresses me about this camera is not just the price or the build quality, which very closely match the Canon 60D, what I like about this camera is that it’s […]

Video From Your DSLR Still Camera

Tweet It all started innocently enough.  Pro photographers asked Nikon and Canon to add video capability to their high end models so they could grab a quick movie when out on photo assignment.  Seemed like a logical request and it came at a time video cameras were turning up in almost every conceivable consumer product […]

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