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Nikon’s New D7100 Lands With a Splash

Tweet The new D7100 is living proof that Nikon is still capable of producing competitive cameras with compelling features at an attractive price point. The D7100 starts with a 24.1-megapixel DX format sensor, roughly equivalent to APS-C, that follows the industry trend of reremoving the optical low-pass filter in favor of higher resolution. Coupled with […]

Why Still Photographers Should Learn Video

Tweet In September of 2008 Canon released the first 5D MKII and the video world has not been the same since. Within weeks still photographers and videographers were showing up at the same events and shooting side by side with nearly identical equipment! Related Posts Your First Portfolio (0) Your First Camera (0) Why Most […]

Polaroid Fields New Dua Still/Video Light

Tweet This weekend I was shooting a stills and video job and, after we finished the still pictures, the client was surprised that all I did for the video segments was change to the fluid head video tripod and break out the lighting and sound gear. He was surprised to find out that high-end Canon […]

Canon Announces Powerhouse 1D X

Tweet If you’re in the field of photography and you heard a loud bang yesterday, that was Canon’s announcement of the new 1D X, which landed in the photography world like a Texas-size meteorite from space. In an unusual move for Canon they announced the product before it was available in stores. Likely trying to […]

Sony Swings At Canon with SLT-A77

Tweet Sony seems to be taking a shot at chipping away at the DSLR market leaders by introducing two new DSLR models that sport some high end features. While I don’t think either Canon or Nikon are laying awake nights worrying about the consumer electronics giant siphoning off business, Sony’s offering is a good first […]

Shooting Video with Digital SLRs

Tweet In the past year there has been quite a change regarding the use of still digital SLR cameras. Talk to any video professional, and they all have their ears very closely tuned monitoring the situation of shooting HD video with digital SLR cameras. Previously, because of the mechanical nature of digital SLRs, it was […]

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