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Marketing Your Wedding Photography Business

Tweet   One of the surprising aspects of photography for many people is the amount of time they have to spend on sales. That goes down after you’ve been in the business for a long time but it never goes away completely. Sales and marketing are as much a part of photography as cameras and […]

Tough Times For Wedding Photography

Tweet Every area is different, so you can’t draw big conclusions from a small sample set, but if our local market is any indication, the wedding photography business is undergoing some painful changes. There are several reasons for the sudden drop in wedding photography business many local professionals are feeling; some of them are cultural, […]

Shopping For a Wedding Photographer

Tweet This is the time of year where we start getting down to crunch time for many brides pulling together the details of their summer wedding. Actually, if you waited this long to book a photographer, you’re probably behind the curve. Among my personal network of photographers, most of the good ones were booking early […]

Five Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Tweet A wedding photographer friend of mine calls Valentine’s Day by a different name, he calls it Pop The Question Day. After the squeals of delight and frantic phone calls to girlfriends subside the soon to be brides will be breaking out the checkbooks and getting down to the business of booking wedding venues, reception […]

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