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Four Tips For Gaining Experience In Wedding Photography

Tweet One of the most frightening posts I can read in any photography forum are those from someone with some skill in photography who gets a request from a friend to take pictures at their wedding. They’re usually showing up to ask how much to charge. I cringe at those posts because taking a job […]

Five Things That Make Professional Photographers Cringe

Tweet Photography is part art, part science flavored with a heavy dose of persistence. There is a tendency among those in the business to be a little judgmental when we bump into another photographer on a different development path. Even among the more charitable in the business there are cringe-inducing rookie mistakes that make even the most […]

Trends In Professional Photography

Tweet It’s not exactly a headline to proclaim that professional photography is changing and those who want to make their living will have to adapt. Professional photography is in a constant state of flux and has been for as long as I can remember. Cameras get better with every generation, lenses improve, the bar on […]

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