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Four Tips For Choosing The Right Lens

Tweet Lens lust is a terrible thing which can turn a normally intelligent, decisive person into a quivering mass of indecision. I have seen lens lust ruin friends and relationships. Choosing the right lenses is also a lonely decision that will leave even the most thorough researcher second-guessing themselves sometimes years after the fact. Related […]

Tips For New Wedding Photographers

Tweet We’ve talked about it being a bad idea to take on a wedding without any experience and clauses you should have in your contracts. At least a few of you will be setting out for your first weddings as the primary photographer this year, for better or worse. There are a few tips on […]

How To Know You’re Ready To Shoot a Wedding

Tweet I’m going to use wedding photography as an example because it tends to be the first professional experience for most photographers and the bread and butter income for many.  You’re also less likely to ruin someone’s lifetime event if you mess up a portrait. Let’s say you’ve been a serious hobby photographer for a […]

Professional Wedding Photography: Harder Than You Think

Tweet Every year about this time I start seeing posts in photography by people who are planning to get into professional wedding photography and want to know what kind of camera to get. It takes a lot of self-control not to go off them about how unethical it is to just hang out a shingle […]

Wedding Photographer’s Survival Kit

Tweet The most stressful photography job imaginable is wedding photography.  There’s a reason most photographers who have been doing it for years charge a lot of money.  Not only is it stressful at the time, it can be really stressful after the fact when it comes out that you missed the shot of the bride […]

Wedding Photography

Tweet I haven’t done an article on wedding photography in a long time because it’s been a while since I shot one.  It’s one of the first bread-and-butter markets most photographers venture into first, and, for people like me, one they work diligently to get out of.  That is one of the ironies from the […]

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