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The Art of Post Processing

Tweet These days being a good photographer isn’t enough, you have to be a good photographer and a wizard at post processing. To demonstrate what a difference master post processing can make, I went to my friend Aaron Rosen out at Pixel-Mesh in sunny California to see how they turn a somewhat ordinary photo from […]

Photographing Christmas Lights

Tweet Two things I really enjoy photographing are fireworks and Christmas lights. The fireworks tips I’ll save for summer but, since many of you will be getting new cameras, this is a great time to review tips for shooting Christmas lights. You won’t need a lot in the way of equipment, but you will need […]

The Wonderful World of Filters

Tweet If you’ve been in photography a long time, you remember when cameras used film.  In the early days cameras lacked the sophisticated computer control they have today.  A really good camera might have an internal light meter, auto-exposure was a process in its infancy.  Under varying light conditions, such as moving from outdoors to […]

What White Balance Is And How It Affects Your Photographs

Tweet Visible light is propagated in the form of electromagnetic waves. Although we see light as white, it is made up of electromagnetic waves of different colors. Violet light has the shortest wavelength and red has the longest wavelength. When all these waves fall on our eyes together, we see white light. But different wavelengths […]

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